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Start Earning By Signing Up To Our Affiliates Program

Start a rewarding cooperation with TextWik! The ultimate platform for both SMS marketing campaigns and affiliate marketing partners, with cutting edge SMS marketing technology, personalized support, great resources and a dedicated team focused on constantly improving on SMS marketing experience for both advertisers and affiliate marketing partners.

Agencies & Consultants

Help your customers enjoy a simple and powerful marketing solution and earn 20% of their purchases.

Bloggers & Website Publishers

Introduce TextWik to your visitors and earn commissions on their orders.

TextWik Users

Get paid when you share TextWik with friends and colleagues.

Let’s Begin Our Profitable Journey Together

Attractive Commissions & Incentives

For each user that is referred from assigned url on your account and pays to activate their account, you will be rewarded $2.99. For each user that is referred from No Url and signs up to a monthly subscription package, you will be rewarded 20% of that package on a monthly basis for as long as that referred user remains active

Dedicated Affiliate Marketing Team

Devote as much time as you like, and our dedicated Affiliates support team will provide you with personalized advice, original creatives and ideas to help you increasing your sales. Contact Us to see how could we help you.

Reliable Software & High Conversion Rates

Our software speaks volume, sell it globally without leaving your comfort zone. Thanks to its many rich features, user-friendliness and great prices, TextWik has quickly taken wave and becoming a leading SMS marketing platform for small and medium business in North America and Canada.

Affiliate Management -Time Tracking

Our software offers one of the most reliable tracking solutions; Basically, your admin account is your one-stop-shop for seeing how your affiliate program is working. You can also build detailed reports, track and monitor your commissions using the reporting tool for further analysis. There is a 7-day tracking cookie. If someone clicks your link & signs up within 7 days of clicking, you get commission.

Continually improved products

Our professional team is continuously improving our products to make them better and better. We attach great importance to the suggestion made by every affiliate partner and customer, and solve it in the shortest time. We will try our best to help you increase your sales and conversion ratio.


Your commissions will be reimbursed simple by connecting to your PayPal account as well as supporting other methods of payment. Affiliates are paid every Friday, unless stated otherwise. There are currently NO minimum earning policies for payments.


To help you make decision, we're giving you A SPECIAL OFFER: 50 FREE SMS CREDIT UPON ACCOUNT ACTIVATION and NO CREDIT, NO OBLIGATION, NO SETUP FEE. If you're not happy with the results you can opt out the service and never have to pay anything. Fill out the form below so we can get in touch with you and send your free trial.

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    Sign up and create your affiliate profile to get a custom link.

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    Include your link on your website, banners, emails, etc.

  • Receive Your Commission

    Receive a commission when you refer new paying users.

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