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How To Use TextWik when phone numbers are unavailable in your country


TextWik is in the process of providing phone numbers in more countries as quickly as we can. If your country doesn’t have phone numbers, know our database of numbers is on BETA but you can still use Global SMS Enabled number in a different country to reach your customers.

Our system is monitoring all our beta numbers very closely, checking connectivity issues with local and quickly work to resolve any issues that come up before releasing to customers globally. This is because when we launch phone numbers. We want to make sure we are providing customers with the high-quality product they expect from us in each geography.

Select a number from one of these countries below to send global SMS.


Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Norway, Poland, Puerto Rico, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States.

Below is our list of SMS enabled numbers globally and look for a “Yes” that means we’ll most likely be able to send SMS to your country.

Dual Functionality (Voice and SMS enabled) Phone Numbers

The phone numbers from the following countries have dual functionality and can be used to make/receive phone calls as well as to send/receive messages. 



Types of


calls only
SMS only



Canada GA Local No No No
France GA Mobile No  Yes Any Address
Germany GA Mobile No  No Any Address
Israel GA Mobile No  No No
Puerto Rico GA Local No  No No
South Africa Preview Mobile No Yes Any Address
United Kingdom GA Local and Mobile No  Local: Yes Mobile: No No
United States GA Local No  No No

SMS Enabled Only Phone Numbers

TextWik phone numbers from the following countries are able to send and receive SMS. Some of these numbers are both domestic and global SMS enabled, while some can only be used to send domestic messages.  

CountryBeta/GAPhone Number
Domestic SMS
Australia GA Mobile No No
Austria GA Mobile No No
Belgium GA Mobile No No
Brazil Preview Mobile Yes  No
Chile GA Mobile Yes No
Croatia Preview Mobile No No
Czech Republic GA Mobile Yes No
Denmark Preview Mobile No  No
Estonia GA Mobile No No
Finland Preview Mobile No No
Guatemala Preview Mobile Yes No
Hong Kong GA Mobile Yes No
Hungary GA Mobile No No
Ireland GA Mobile No No
Israel GA Mobile No No
Italy Beta Mobile Yes Local Address
Latvia GA Mobile No No
Lithuania GA Mobile Yes No
Malaysia GA Mobile Yes No
Mexico Preview Mobile No No
Netherlands GA Mobile No Any Address
Norway GA Mobile No No
Philippines Preview Mobile Yes No
Poland GA Mobile No No
Portugal GA Mobile No No
Singapore Preview Mobile No No
Spain GA Mobile Yes Local Address
Sweden GA Mobile No No
Switzerland GA Mobile No No
Taiwan Preview Mobile Yes No
United Kingdom GA Mobile No No

Note: While global SMS enabled numbers can generally be used to reach other international destinations, using such numbers to reach +1 destinations (US and Canada) is not supported. You may receive 400 response with error 21612 when attempting to do so. 

If you want to send SMS, check if your country supports alphanumeric sender ID  

Alphanumeric Sender ID is a feature that allows you to send one-way SMS using your brand or business name. This feature is only available when sending messages to specific countries. 

Sign up to get notified when we expand to your country

If the workarounds above don’t work out for you, Hopefully the above option gives you a way to use TextWik while we continue to work to expand internationally we . We would also  we encourage you to put in a request for the numbers you want.

To request a new number, create a Help Desk ticket, or send us an email at with  "Subject Line: Notify Me When Number Available". We'll be sure to keep you updated as we add new types numbers to countries to TextWik.

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