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How Does Text Message Marketing Work?


SMS marketing is one of the most powerful way of reaching customers through text messaging. Using a web-based program like , you can send mass texts to subscribing customers, set up campaigns where coupons are sent automatically over time, engage customers in polls and questionnaires, or even run a sweepstakes contest.

Like email marketing the goal of SMS marketing is to build a database of subscribers and then message them in the future with specials, promotions, news, etc.

Step-By-Step Example

Step 1. Customer sees or hears something that directs them to text a keyword to a 5-digit short code or long code. Let’s use a bakery for instance. The instructions could say “Text BAKERY to 12345 or (234) 567 8910 for your chance to GET free bread for a year!” These instructions could be placed in the Shop, plastic bread bags, read aloud in a radio ad, printed on a delivery van, anywhere. texts in your keyword to win a promotion or coupon.


Step 2. Customer will text the word “BAKERY” and now “Opting-In” for future communication with the business.


Step 3. The text message is received by SMS marketing software ( that stores the user’s phone number and immediately sends back an automated response, something like “Thank you for entering to win. We will be picking the winner on…


Step 4. In the future, business can log in to their text message marketing software and send a text message out to everyone who has entered the contest. E.g. for events and promotions etc.


Step 5. Sales and ROI go up due to repeat business and referrals


However, before starting to blast your Text(SMS) marketing campaign. To stay compliant with the law and keep your customers happy, make sure you abide by these 3 simple rules.


1. Make Sure Customers Know They Are Opting-In. 
Wherever you advertise your short code, explain that it will add recipients to a mailing list. It’s also good practice to tell them the frequency of messages they’ll be sent – i.e. “sign up to receive 1 deal a month”


2. Always Give Customers the Ability to Opt-Out. 
Customers should be able to opt out at any time. Fortunately, most (if not all) text marketing services are setup this way by default. You will, however, must remind customers the opt out phrase – i.e. “Reply STOP to opt out of messages”


3. Inform Customers That Fees May Apply. 
Wherever you promote your campaign should include the phrase “message and data rates may apply.” You’ll also want to include this on opt-in confirmation messages.


NT: SMS Spam, Mobile Spam, Text Messaging Spam...Celifonia is determined to keep it off of your mobile phone.

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